Business Analysis

Our knowledge for the success of your Odoo project.

We study the requirements of your software with you, to find the better solution for your processes and your objectives.
We discuss your needs and difficulties and give you the proper solutions with our Odoo technical consultation.

Project Management

We track the project, from start to finish.

Our dedicated Odoo consultants assist you throughout the implementation of the Odoo CRM system successfully. From the start stage, were we find the better module that suits your need, to the migration and support.

Custom Development

Over 5 year of experience in Odoo.

Our technical consultant understand the business needs and technical flow, in order to achieve goals and processes which was defined by the business analysis.

Migration & Deployment

Your past is the key for your future.

We are experts on the Odoo migration and we have plans to execute from any system. Your data is important, and must be usable directly into your new project.

User Training

Promote rapid product adoption.

We give to your team the knowledge of the Odoo system and its capabilities. This knowledge covers all the activities necessary to run your business through Odoo.


Customer support to meet all customer requests.

We are giving the best support system after the deployment of Odoo and we are giving support for your existing system.

Odoo Apps


The unified notification system for odoo.

Create notification without coding, using Odoo Automation. Perfectly integrated with any Odoo app, it comes with onesignal integration, to get the power of push notifications.

EPSON EPOS Fiscal Printer

Pos integration with Epson Fiscal printer.

Print directly your order to your fiscal printer. Fully integrated with odoo POS workflow, supports FP-81II RT, FP-90III and FP-90III RT via Ethernet/XML.

Progressive Web App

Native odoo application thanks to PWA support.

Push your installations to the next level Build fast, integrated, reliable and engaging applications.

External Resource Loader

Include external URI into your Odoo application easily.

Create easily resource link into your odoo, our module will think to action and menu item!.

Onesignal Integration - Coming soon

Get the power of push notifications.

Different endpoints for multi-company configuration. Handle Onesignal applications and connected devices.

Coming Soon

Expression field in Odoo.

Coming Soon

Bookstack integration

Open-Source Projects

Web Manifest

Configurable manifest.json in Odoo

Defines a programmable manifest.json file while loading odoo. Useful for push notifications or PWA.

Odin - Coming soon

Your next Odoo Installation Manager.

Handle Odoo projects with multiple repositories in one command.

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